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My hoard of treasure is overflowing so it’s time to pass some onto a handful of worthy adventurers!

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  • Entries are valid until October 5th, 2014
  • Six winners will be chosen at random and the prizes are shown above! Ill be giving away a set of Gold, Silver, Copper & Platinum Coins! Ill also be throwing a set of Trade Bars and 3 of those groovy d20 tokens at some random adventurers!
  • Will ship internationally!
    *No shipping to Antarctica

If anyone is interested in picking up a set of these coins for your own be sure to check out Campaign Coins!

Too cool! I didn’t know these even existed!

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poor kitten has a cold and can’t stop sneezing

rock the fuck out little cat

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J. Bone redesigns Superman so that he can best use his solar-based powers.


J. Bone redesigns Superman so that he can best use his solar-based powers.

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Dishonesty hour: What's your opinion on Steven Moffat?

He is the best possible thing that could have ever happened to Doctor Who! I mean, are you kidding me? Who wants to watch adventures with fleshed out characters doing amazing things, when I can watch white girls with no identifiable personality traits beyond “patient” and “willing to wait” and “horny for the doctor” romance the Doctor? It’s like Twilight for nerds—it’s so easy for me to pretend that I’m his companion because I’m a white girl too and I wanna shag the Doctor, so why would I want to watch anything else ever?

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okay, honesty time. not even gonna lie here.

I would play the SHIT out of a game where I had to navigate a fantasy environment that wants to murder me, and rescue the prince, but I can’t chip my goddamned nails. Like, seriously. Think about it. You’re this burly assed Amazon or barbarian style chick, and you can take bricks to the face. But all your weapons are hand to hand combat weapons, and your nail polish is your life meter. Each finger is the equivalent of a heart, and each chipped nail is closer to death. And as the game goes on, you get stronger nail polishes, and there are mini games based around applying and not fucking up a manicure, but the actual game itself is headbutting the life out of stuff and breaking femurs, and you get to choose between the Prettiest Amazon avatar, or the Sassy Drag Queen avatar.

Someone make this for me. I need it in my life.

Dishonesty Hour: How do you feel about the Legend of Zelda series?

oh, FUCK that series. It’s just gamerboi nostalgia fap. The old games were such crap, too. Like, there was nothing fun about them. Link to the Past was the fucking worst. And the new games, well, at least Nintendo isn’t actually taking the title character and making her the playable character, because who the fuck would ever want to play a woman in a videogame? The puzzles would probably be dumb; like, hey you have to plug in a toaster without dropping your baby but you can’t chip your fingernail polish because you’re a fucking girl and our lives revolve around sandwiches and kitchens and babies.

Why are you even asking me about videogames? Because I’m a girl. I have boobs. That means that I am biologically unable to hold a controller correctly because my nail polish will never be dry enough and that’s a boy thing and that’s how you get cooties and cooties are gross.

I was gonna bitch about my itchy tattoo and its dead pixel, but fuck it. No. Better story.

My fucking mother.

My mother hates tattoos. With all the firey passion that someone raised roman catholic can hate something. Last weekend, I texted her that I’d gotten a tattoo. She had actually offered to buy my first tattoo if it was something that would show in my yet-to-be-purchased wedding dress if I waited until after CM and I got married. So I thought maybe she was coming around a bit. Especially since she’s started warming up to how fucking gorgeous tattoos can actually be.

Yeah. No. I got an “uh huh” and then my dad started texting me asking what the hell I did to piss her off.

The next day, call and talk to mom. All she wants to do is talk wedding stuff. I have no wedding stuff to share that she doesn’t already know. And she’s stiff on the phone. Like, she genuinely didn’t want to be on the phone. Refused to talk about my tattoo. Okay, whatever. She’s taking a bassackwards way of being an adult and not talking about my tattoo until she’s not furious with me anymore.

I went a week without hearing from her. Which…my mom just doesn’t do. She went 4 days without hearing from me in college because it was fucking midterms and I was too busy to call her back every night, and when I finally did call her back, she was sobbing because “what if [I] was in the hospital?” She’s…she’s clingy.

Call her Sunday. Get voicemail. When I finally hear from her, it’s strictly business and she’s still stiff. Texted her yesterday asking for help with a wedding planning thing. Still haven’t heard from her.

I am 30 fucking years old. The only 2 things that stopped me from getting a tattoo years ago was lack of money, and, primarily, a faint-inducing fear of needles. So this isn’t out of the blue. Also, my mother’s nearly 60 so her attempt at being a grown up isn’t passing muster.

I’m pretty sure I got over my rebellious teenager phase a decade ago, so what the fuck, Mom? Why are you acting like I got something permanent on my body just to spite you?

your art is great and so are you omg <3 <3 go you! You are a delight!


ohmigoodness super-nice messages that are anonymous! This was needed. Thank you! 

I am reblogging this ask partly because it’s true, you and your art are fantastic, but mostly because I need that happy fucking viking on my blog.

Dishonesty Hour 


Ask me a question, and I’ll answer you completely untruthfully.

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funfetti biscotti.

kinda want to put this in muh face right now.


funfetti biscotti.

kinda want to put this in muh face right now.

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